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I’m the Worst: Impostor Syndrome and Internalized Gaslighting

A few weeks ago, I wrote a two-part miniseries about gaslighting. Today, I am going to follow up with a word about internalized gaslighting and its BFF: Impostor Syndrome. Impostor syndrome is a common problem for high achievers who have a hard time accepting themselves as high achievers. Despite evidence to the contrary, they tend…

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Gaslighting 101: Part 2

So, you’ve read the articles, clicked on the links, and you’re thunderstruck to realize that you have, in fact, experienced gaslighting. In fact, you may be subject to it on a regular basis in one or more relationships. Some of these relationships may be ones you are unwilling to end—family relationships, employment relationships, or a…

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Gaslighting 101: Part 1

“I feel like I’m going crazy. I know what I saw, but my mom swears up and down that never happened! I don’t know if I can believe myself anymore.” If you’ve ever found yourself questioning the evidence of your own senses, starting to believe someone else’s interpretation of your experience over your own, or…

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