Mother’s Day Wishes

A mother’s new world


To the new mom, staring at the tiny, squish-faced baby that sleeps, cries, and poops: May you be surrounded by loving support as you navigate this strange, sleepless new world of motherhood. May your voice be heard and respected, and may your partner be pooped on just as often as you are. These days go so quickly, and so slowly at the same time. May you never lose sight of the horizon, even when the nights are long and you feel overwhelmed. To the new mom, may you be surrounded by loving support.


To the single mama, trying to keep her cool as the toddler throws their chicken nuggets (the ones they expressly asked for ten minutes before) on the floor and screams: May you be loved and supported by family and friends. May you find your tribe of people who can give you breaks, so that you don’t feel like you’ll break. May you always remember what a superhero you are even when you feel like a busted can of biscuits. To the single mama, handling solo parenting like a boss (even when you want to throw your own food on the floor and scream), may you be loved and supported.


The difficult spaces


To the mom of the hormonal pre-teens and teenagers, suddenly finding yourself the last person on earth they want to be seen with: May you be loved and supported by those who remember every time you held a crying child, when you were the only comfort they wanted. May you always remember that behind the rolled eyes, the huffs and sighs, the sarcasm and the attitudes, that you are still the foundation of their world. May you still be able to see the scared child in the angry teen, the hurt feelings behind the rude comments, and the sensitive soul within the storm of tears. May you always remember how hard those years can be – for everyone – and remember that the storms don’t last forever. May you be loved and supported as you sail these new seas.


To the empty nest mother, wondering what her kids are doing at college: May you be loved and supported as you learn to let go. May you be proud of your bird as they take their first flights. May you find the courage to let them figure out how their wings work, even when it’s scary to watch. May you find joy in the new relationship of adult to adult child. May you be loved and supported as you enter a new chapter.


The unwished-for travels


To the mothers who would have been, but never got the chance: May you be loved and supported as you mourn the future that did not come to pass. May you be held and heard as you grieve an unmet desire and an unfilled role. May you always find worth and value in who you are, not only what you are. May you be loved and supported on a day you wanted to be different.


To the mother without her mother, facing a day filled with sadness and pain: May you be loved and supported as you turn from the card aisle because none of them carries the message in your heart. May you feel at peace with your decision if you are without your mother by your own choice. May you feel at peace with her loss if she was taken from you without your permission. May you send grace and compassion to the parts of you that struggle today. May you be loved and supported by your Self and your community.