License Supervision
For New Clinicians

Supervision for LPCs and LCSWs

You’ve finished your internship hours, handed in your thesis, and finally gotten that graduate degree! Now you’re out in the world actually working with people, and realizing how much you still have to learn. The first few years in the field can be intense, and many new therapists find themselves struggling to adjust.

Fortunately, supervision can help. Besides being required for licensure, supervision provides an opportunity to review challenging cases, explore how your clients impact you, and deepen your awareness of what you bring into the therapeutic relationship. Supervision can also be helpful to support you in practicing good self-care and preventing burnout.

I work with supervisees to understand how their life experiences influence them as a therapist, how to implement theory in their practice, and how to craft their own personal style of therapy.

I am still learning.

- Michelangelo (age 87)

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