I am not currently accepting new therapy clients. If you would like to be notified of the next available openings for group therapy, please email me your name, location, and note that you are interested in the next group cycle!

In accordance with the No Surprises Act, a Good Faith Estimate of the cost of all therapy services is available upon request

Rates effective 1/1/2023:

Individual therapy for teens and adults
$200 per session

Walking on Eggshells Group

License supervision
$75 per session

Consultation for Licensed Therapists
$225 per session

And, introducing The Mental Health Access Project!

The Mental Health Access Project is a new initiative launching January 1, 2022. I will be offering a limited number of very low-cost or pro bono slots (when I have any session slots open up) to increase access to Black, Indigenous, and Persons of Color clients who have traditionally had limited access to quality trauma treatment. If you are a BIPOC client seeking support to heal from a narcissistic parent, please email me for more information about this initiative.

Fee increases for full-fee clients will help to fund access to mental health care for those who have often been left on the margins and unable to access the care they need and deserve.


*Please note that I do not accept any insurance. For those with out-of-network benefits, I am happy to provide a statement known as a superbill which you may submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. Reimbursement will vary depending on your coverage. Clients are encouraged to check their out-of-network benefits prior to scheduling.