sibling relationships

Show Yourself: A Journey to Self-Love

Last week, I told you about my big adventure of 2019: writing a book. Completing The Gaslighting Recovery Workbook has been an amazing, intense, and sometimes overwhelming process. A few days ago, I went on an adventure of another sort: taking two 4-year-olds to see Frozen 2. (If you don’t think that was an adventure,…

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The Umbrella Academy, part 2: The Power of Connections

*Spoiler alert!!* This article is part two of a two-part series that will explore characters in The Umbrella Academy, a television show adapted from an original comic by Gerard Way. Season 1 is currently streaming on Netflix. If you plan to watch the show, be warned! Here there be spoilers.   In part 1 of…

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Golden Child, Scapegoat, and Thanos: Sibling Relationships in the MCU

One of the more interesting – and heartbreaking – storylines of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to date is that of Nebula. When we first encounter her in Guardians of the Galaxy, Nebula is a villain. She initially fights her adopted sister Gamora after Gamora joins the Guardians. Early on, we see her trying (unsuccessfully) to…

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