The Highly Sensitive Person in an Emotionally Immature Family

This week has been a busy and fulfilling one! We had the final session of the fall cycle of Walking on Eggshells, and celebrated our members’ accomplishments. I finished round 1 of edits on my super secret but very exciting writing project. And I listened to a great podcast about the life of a Highly…

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The Highly Sensitive Person in a Narcissistic Home

Have you ever cried while listening to a moving piece of music? Ever looked at an interesting piece of art and found yourself getting goosebumps? Or do you sometimes just know that someone is upset just by standing near them, without them needing to say a word? If this sounds familiar, you might be a…

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Mini-Link Roundup: Fall 2018 Edition

Like a whirlwind – literally overnight, in my neighborhood – we’ve gone from summer to fall. The leaves are beginning to turn, temperatures are dropping, and all around kids are eagerly anticipating their chance to dress up and stuff their faces with candy.   With the change in weather, I find myself a little under…

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