You Are Good Enough: An Open Letter

I’ve been seeing a new meme show up on my social media quite often lately. It’s usually very simple text on a plain background. The text usually states something like “I don’t know who needs to hear this, but…” followed by some pearl of wisdom. Some of those pearls are rather profound; others less so.…

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I’m Not the Worst: Imposter Syndrome Undone

So you identify with the description of Impostor Syndrome in the previous blog entry, and you really want to feel like you deserve your place in the world. How do you get past feeling like a fake, “just lucky,” or excessively self-critical? Read on for three tips to learning to believe in yourself! 1. Get…

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I’m the Worst: Impostor Syndrome and Internalized Gaslighting

A few weeks ago, I wrote a two-part miniseries about gaslighting. Today, I am going to follow up with a word about internalized gaslighting and its BFF: Impostor Syndrome. Impostor syndrome is a common problem for high achievers who have a hard time accepting themselves as high achievers. Despite evidence to the contrary, they tend…

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