The Highly Sensitive Person in an Emotionally Immature Family

This week has been a busy and fulfilling one! We had the final session of the fall cycle of Walking on Eggshells, and celebrated our members’ accomplishments. I finished round 1 of edits on my super secret but very exciting writing project. And I listened to a great podcast about the life of a Highly…

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Father’s Day Wishes

A father’s new place   To the new dad, wondering what his place is in the family as he gazes down at the brand-new little life in his hands: May you be loved and supported as you enter this new chapter. May you embrace your new role as you are asked to do and be…

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Mother’s Day Wishes

A mother’s new world   To the new mom, staring at the tiny, squish-faced baby that sleeps, cries, and poops: May you be surrounded by loving support as you navigate this strange, sleepless new world of motherhood. May your voice be heard and respected, and may your partner be pooped on just as often as…

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