loss of a parent

Grief in the Season of Joy

Everywhere you look, the signs are there: The holidays are here. Turkeys, holly berries, lights, and snowmen are showing up in every store – and on some front lawns – as we roll into the season of joy.    At least, it’s supposed to be a season of joy, or so we are told.  …

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When Father’s Day is Bittersweet

Today is a day that we honor and celebrate fathers.   Fathers are inarguably some of the most influential people in our lives – whether they are in our lives or not. Their presence or lack of presence can have an equally significant impact on us. In the ideal, the role of father carries the…

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Walking on the Moon

It’s a new year. The holidays have ended and most of us are back to work and making our way back to our daily routines. We are surrounded by good intentions, goals, resolutions, and expectations for the new year. Daily life is at once familiar and new. For me, this new year is different. The…

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