Choose your adventure

The wrapping paper that littered the floor has been swept away, except for those little bits and pieces you’ll be finding under couches and in crevices for six more months. The fridge is full of half-eaten snack trays, and the trash can is overflowing with paper plates and candy wrappers. The Christmas tree is looking…

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You Are Good Enough: An Open Letter

I’ve been seeing a new meme show up on my social media quite often lately. It’s usually very simple text on a plain background. The text usually states something like “I don’t know who needs to hear this, but…” followed by some pearl of wisdom. Some of those pearls are rather profound; others less so.…

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How do you want to grow?

In my part of the world, this has been the epitome of a beautiful spring weekend. Warm sunshine, a little rain, and that magical spring air that lets you just feel the world coming back to life around you. The earliest blooming flowers have already started showing their faces, and my favorite ones – lilacs…

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