Show Yourself: A Journey to Self-Love

Last week, I told you about my big adventure of 2019: writing a book. Completing The Gaslighting Recovery Workbook has been an amazing, intense, and sometimes overwhelming process. A few days ago, I went on an adventure of another sort: taking two 4-year-olds to see Frozen 2. (If you don’t think that was an adventure,…

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Choose your adventure

The wrapping paper that littered the floor has been swept away, except for those little bits and pieces you’ll be finding under couches and in crevices for six more months. The fridge is full of half-eaten snack trays, and the trash can is overflowing with paper plates and candy wrappers. The Christmas tree is looking…

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Courage of the Survivors: An Open Letter

I had a topic all ready to go for this week. Had my general theme, key points, and a great nerdy example to draw from.   (I really did!)   And then….this week happened.   I don’t know how many of you watched Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony alleging sexual assault by Supreme Court nominee…

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