change is hard

Pick Your Hard

  Here we are again, another January filled with messages advising us of our need to change. Change your hair, change your body, change your lifestyle, change your perspective. In January the motivation and drive to create change reaches a fever pitch as we recover from the holidays, leading to resolutions and goals that may…

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Why you still feel small around your emotionally abusive family

Learning the dance   When I was in middle and high school, I performed in my dance studio‚Äôs annual, original Christmas show: The Adventures of Rudolph. Although the storyline differed from the classic animated movie and song, the show was beloved by young children throughout my area. At this time of year, we would have…

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Walk On

It is just about the time of year when those New Year’s Resolutions start to falter, and ambition for change begins to fade a bit. When we come face to face with the realization that the holidays are officially over and we’re stuck with plain old winter. Those fresh new starts we planned are harder…

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