Love Languages Part 1: You in Relationships

How was your Valentine’s Day?  Full of affection, hearts, and chocolate? Wine, cheese, and chick flicks (or sci-fantasy, whatever floats your boat!)? Whether you look forward to the holiday or view it as just another money-maker for greeting card companies, I hope it was a happy day for you.   Although the holiday has passed…

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Courage of the Survivors: An Open Letter

I had a topic all ready to go for this week. Had my general theme, key points, and a great nerdy example to draw from.   (I really did!)   And then….this week happened.   I don’t know how many of you watched Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony alleging sexual assault by Supreme Court nominee…

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It Didn’t Start With You: Tracing the Roots of Narcissistic Abuse

It didn’t start with you   Narcissistic abuse never starts with the victim, no matter what the narcissist says.   Did you know that?   Even if they said, “You were just such a difficult child, I never knew how to deal with you.”   It didn’t start with you.   Even if they told…

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