A holiday blessing

They’re here! The holidays are upon us!


With only two days til Christmas, now is that time when it all gets a little more real. For those who choose to spend holiday time with their narcissistic family, it’s a time of deep breaths, pre-planning your exit strategy, and deciding how to respond to those little digs that always seem to slip into the conversation. For those who choose to spend this time away from toxic family, it’s a time of reminding yourself why you made the choice, and choosing how to respond to any and all flying monkeys and guilt trips.


By now you’ve probably found all the articles, books, blogs, and videos talking about how to practice self-care and how to handle the holiday with or without your family. I won’t add to the noise by repeating the same suggestions and advice; sometimes, less is more.


What I have for you today is this: a holiday blessing for you this Christmas season.


An offering

Photo by Josh Boot

May your holidays bring you rest, relaxation, and delicious cookies.

May you feel rooted, strong, and connected to those who love and appreciate you.

May you feel seen, heard, and held by those you trust.

May you feel joined, understood, and celebrated by those who know you best.

May you know that you have family, be they by blood or found family.

May you find peace, hope, and love during this season.


Happy holidays.